A Collection of Live Songs from His 2013 Concert Featuring
Bunbury, Residente, Juan Luis Guerra, Natalia Lafourcade, and Tommy Torres

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The exceptionally gifted Puerto Rican artist, Draco Rosa, has unveiled his new album today under the title Life After Vida. This album represents an intricate effort in curating, remastering, and delivering a compilation of live songs recorded during his 2013 concert at the Coliseo in Puerto Rico. The release of Life After Vida signifies a new chapter in Draco Rosa’s career, with plans for a new studio album and international tour for 2024, starting with a concert on October 21st at the renowned Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot, also known as “El Choli.”

Draco shared his thoughts on the project stating, “Revisiting these songs, which hold profound personal significance and were performed at a pivotal moment in my life, was a process of healing and personal fulfillment. I hope it evokes similar emotions in all those who listen.”

Life After Vida includes iconic tracks from the repertoire of this Puerto Rican legend. Notably, the release includes “No Me Preguntes,” a previously unreleased track that was performed only during the 2013 ‘Draco & Friends in Concert’. Rock and percussion take center stage as the primary elements of the song. The album also boasts the heartfelt duet “Penelope” with Tommy Torres, exceeding all expectations, as well as “Blanca Mujer” with Natalia Lafourcade, “Esto En Vida” with Juan Luis Guerra, and “Obra de Arte” with Bunbury. The potent track “Madre Tierra” is a captivating collaboration with Residente.

In addition to these songs, Life After Vida opens with “Brujería,” and Draco delivers his solo renditions of “Lie Without A Lover,” “Llanto Subterráneo,” “Delirios,” “Vagabundo,” and a compelling version of “Música Ligera,” originally written and performed by the Argentinean band Soda Estéreo.

Furthermore, to these musical contributions, Draco showcases his graphic skills in Life After Vida, where he personally crafted the illustrations for lyric videos and album artwork.