After officially announcing his name change from Shelley back to DRAM via Tiktok earlier this summer, DRAM now returns to share a brand new single in “WHAM”. The song marks a new era for DRAM as a statement piece to prepare fans for his forthcoming album which will be arriving via his own newly minted independent label, WAVER Records. The song encompasses a raw and stripped down approach by DRAM, showing his ability to bring his past charismatic presence and knack for writing earworms into his new “DRAM&B” sound.

“On the night WHAM was made, DRAM was reawakened and marked a new era of “DRAM&B”,” he says, describing the inspiration behind the new track.

Produced by Spiff Sinatra, Hero and DRAM, the bedroom R&B single was initially teased via DRAM’s Instagram Live and received an immediate response from fans. Following his smash success with songs like “Broccoli” and “Cha Cha” in 2016, DRAM went through a phase of deep self-exploration and reflection that was also riddled with substance addiction, close family loss, and growing frustration with the music industry at large looking to fit him into a box. Through this tumultuous time, he began to find solace in his craft again and started to make the music he always saw himself making by leaning heavily into his love for R&B and shifting the focus away from chasing more pop rap hits.

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His return in 2021 was marked by the singer moving his birth name Shelley to the forefront and releasing his album SHELLEY FKA DRAM under the artist name SHELLEY FKA DRAM. The music of ‘SHELLEY’ showed a stark shift into his new direction, while it also felt like a stepping stone sonically to the fully realized music he is crafting and releasing today. Understanding that the “SHELLEY” release was a vital part of his exploration and self-reflecting process, but not yet his final form, DRAM has returned to his original artist name after realizing that regardless of what the direction of the music is like he is still the same 1-of-1 artist and person.

Stay tuned for more news on his forthcoming album very soon and for now listen to “WHAM” which is now available on all streaming platforms.