DRE-B Has Been Making A Way For Himself In The Music World

Andre Black, better known to the music world as DRE-B, has been on the music scene for quite some time now! DRE-B was born in Killeen, Texas to a military mother but raised partially in the small town of Summerville, Georgia by the grandparents of his father. It would be the grandparents who instilled in him such discipline, character, and responsibility at a young age, but it would be his mother who he would capture the love for music.

DRE-B started out recording music of his own at the age of 13 with childhood friends from the Willow Springs neighborhood southwest of Killeen, under the record label I and I Records owned by a friend. “It was all just a hobby to me, to be honest” DRE-B states. “It wasn’t until I came home from prison where I actually said that I was going to really take it seriously.”

In and out of trouble at a young age hindered his ability to really take things serious with music. Even with some of the music he puts out today, there’s that aggression and authenticity in the delivery and lyrical content. With favorite artist like 2pac, T.I., Boosie, and Z-RO…it totally makes sense. “I like storytellers.” DRE-B states. “I want to turn on a song and feel like you’re speaking to me or that I can relate to exactly what you’re saying.”

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DRE-B has been making a way for himself in the music world by believing in himself, his music, and his purpose. Consistently dropping projects, visuals, and being productive towards expanding his name and brand shows that this is no longer just a hobby……Its passionate! Driven by wanting stability for his family and motivated by past struggles, he’s dedicated to what he puts into his music and the career path he has chosen!Be sure to follow DRE-B on all social media platforms and check out his music on all streaming and visual platforms!


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