Eardrummers Records’ BA The Great show his love for Marietta, GA, in “Day 1” video

“Day 1” was a highlight from BA The Great’s Cross Town, an album executive produced by Mike WiLL Make It. If there is anything that matters to BA, it’s the bonds he’s built in the trenches. On “Day 1,” he pays tribute to the people that helped him through hard times growing up and the loyalty he’ll always have for them, rapping, “We stick together, so they can’t touch us.” The video offers a time capsule of his upbringing in Marietta, GA, with scenes of he and his boys as young men juxtaposed with present day footage of he and his day ones.

B.A. The Great represents a new voice in ATL, and has the blessing of Mike WiLL Made It, after watching him perform one song at a club. Pulling up to his Marietta, GA home the next day, Mike made a promise: if B.A. spent a year wholeheartedly putting his life into music and stayed out the streets, he would give him a chance. The album features additional production by Go Grizzly, Lo Get Em, Few Beats, and others, Cross Town is the result.

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