Eliot Lipp and MZG release collaborative new track “Pure Wilderness”

Eliot Lipp and MZG release their new track “Pure Wilderness.”  The song premiered exclusively on mxdwn.com.
“Pure Wilderness” began with Lipp and the MZG boys emailing a bassline and some drums back and forth. After it turned into some living, breathing music the three of them teamed up in the Colorado wilderness to add some finishing touches.  The track is a perfect blend of MZG’s mid-tempo stomp and Lipp’s crispy funk, dripping with analog synths and atmosphere.
“Producing this track with Eliot was such a good time!   “Pure Wilderness” became the embodiment of our surroundings. A great portion of this track was produced at 10,000 feet elevation in the Colorado mountains! We are so pleased to share this with everyone” MZG told mxdwn.
This release follows another collaborative project from Eliot Lipp and Blockhead that was released earlier this year, titled Lipphead.

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