“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”

ENNY shares new “Keisha’s & Brenda’s” video; debut EP out now

Fresh off the back of releasing her debut EP Under Twenty-Five, 25-year-old rapper and singer ENNY releases a brand-new video for new single “Keisha’s & Brenda’s”. Directed by KC Locke and ENNY herself, the video and track is a stirring, powerful and important meditation on sexual assault and was taken from her debut EP Under Twenty-Five which is available to stream/purchase HERE.

Speaking on the track, ENNY says “I wrote Keisha’s and Brenda’s back in 2018 during a time where many industry professionals were beginning to get exposed for indecent behaviour with women. It wasn’t a topic I was unfamiliar with. It was another reminder of the world we live in. And at this point I was annoyed because it felt like there was nothing else I could do but be angry. Angry for the victims, angry that people have to carry the weight of something so traumatic with no absolution. The last year or so has started to feel like a turning point. Women are speaking up, people are coming forward and telling their stories more freely, there’s a championing behind one another and I wanted the video to reflect that. You don’t have to be silenced. Speaking your truth is sometimes the first step. Taking back ownership of your voice. Taking off the tape.”

It’s been just ten short months since the Thamesmead native released her debut single “Peng Black Girls” (feat. Amia Brave). The track, which was created as a unifying anthem for Black women everywhere became an instant sensation, connecting on such a deep level that it led to a Jorja Smith remix, a much-heralded COLORS session that has already been viewed over 12M times, and even managed to land on the OCC Singles chart. Following it up shortly after with the equally impressive “Same Old”, a feel-good anthem about overcoming the adversity of life while also addressing complex issues of gentrification, Brexit and censorship, the track continued ENNY’s ascent and saw her make her debut TV performance on Later…with Jools Hollands, win a slot in this year’s Dazed 100 and praise from Vogue, Pitchfork and Wonderland. Not content to rest on her laurels, ENNY quickly followed it up with her latest single “I Want”, which follows in the footsteps of her previous singles as BBCRadio 1, 1xtra and specialist-playlisted songs. Along the way, she’s amassed a monstrous 22M streams, appeared in a new Alhuwali x Mulberry fashion film (alongside Munroe Bergdorf) and made an appearance on the cover of the latest issue of The Face (where she was selected as one of Martine Rose’s most exciting British artists).

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