“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”

Expanding on the Sonic Palette and Lyrical Themes of His Critically-Acclaimed 2018 Project FEVER, Black Milk Dives Into A New Age of Politics, Social Issues And Change


Adventurously blending trap, neo-soul, R&B and hip-hop into an electrifying stew, Black Milk “dives” into the future with a renewed perspective on the world and his place in it. Three tracks from Black’s ambitious 2018 album, FEVER, represented different stages of change – “unVEil,” the initial thought; “eVE,” the moment before leaping, and “DiVE,” the moment of action. DiVE, the EP, is an elaboration on the moments of change for Black Milk – changing the way he sees (or chooses not to see) the world, his creative identity, his place in the rap sphere, and the shedding old ways. As he looks forward towards the 2020s, Black also contemplates his legacy, as he rhymes on project highlight “Relate (Want 2 Know),” featuring his younger brother MAHD: “Always in it for the long game/Only decision I ever choose/Let the people put you on a pedestal/Legacies live longer than legends do.”

“I’m always going to have my standard and aesthetic,” says Black Milk. “That’s why I’m not really afraid to step outside of any box because my taste will always keep me grounded.”

Spanning 11-tracks, the EP flows from front-to-back with seamless transitions, mimicking the free-wheeling creativity of the album’s author. Recruiting a group of ace session musicians from his hometown, Black Milk fine-tunes his incendiary genre-blend, which can switch from hard-charging to smooth to ethereal at the drop of a hat. The new EP features two previously released singles: the soulful and nostalgic “If U Say ft. BJ The Chicago Kid” and the aspirational “Black NASA,” which features vocals from Detroit artist Sam AustinsDiVE arrives via Mass Appeal Records/Computer Ugly.

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