“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”

Extra Medium Pony announces new record and shares first single, “Something Beautiful”

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Dirty indie rock band, Extra Medium Pony, announce their third record, Traffic, due out September 14, 2020. Their first single, “Something Beautiful” is out now, along with a video that debuted on American Songwriter, who call it a “a nervy indie rock number built around frontman Rick Spitalsky’s stinging poetry and pop-punk guitar hooks,” adding, “It’s hard not to hear echoes of Weezer in the song’s most thrashing moments.”

On the single, Spitalsky says the song is about “searching every fiber and molecule for something true can really show the sadness and isolation between each heartbeat. The lyrics are extremely descriptive, while thunderstorms of drums ride on cellos and violins, and the rest of the band peels guttural, distorted guitars like sunburnt skin.” American Songwriter says, “The song reaches a crescendo as Spitalsky repeats the refrain “I see a difference” over and over again, stretching out every word over increasingly anxious string and drum parts.”

Describing the music video, American Songwriter says, “The video cuts between shots of the band performing in a practice space, cartoon clips, and extreme close-ups of Spitalsky’s facial features.” Spitalsky says, “I feel like my life is becoming a cartoon… I seem to only identify with cartoon humor–maybe as a safety mechanism to protect me from the harshness and cruel reality that is our current political state.”

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This release is the band’s first since 2016, when they shared Meaninglessness with the world. Consequence of Sound, who premiered the previous LP, pin-pointed the essence of the band’s phobic-anxieties that become something beautiful, saying, “Being a depressed introvert can give you a pretty bleak outlook on life, but it also can galvanize some truly honest art. In fact, it’s exactly the sort of environment in which Cleveland-based Rick Spitalsky seems to thrive.”

The new single proves the new record continues down the path cleared by the previous record. American Songwriter says, “With “Something Beautiful,” Spitalsky has harnessed the feelings that usually confine him–nervousness; panic; a sense of doom–to craft something raw and affecting.” Open about his struggles with anxiety and claustrophobia, Spitalsky spoke to American Songwriter about the difficulties he encountered while making the album. They report, “Spitalsky–who has a condition called phobic anxiety–found it especially difficult to leave his house while working on Traffic. He recorded and produced the record in his basement, ultimately naming it after his largest source of his anxiety.”

With more singles and videos on the way, look out for more from Extra Medium Pony between now and the release on September 14.