FCG Heem – “Champagne Showers” Song Review

Written By | Leyan Bitar

Ready to continue his relentless rise in 2021, Florida phenomenon FCG Heem unleashes a new single entitled “Champagne Showers”. The rapper exudes triumphant spirit as he prowls over the 808-backed beat with a galloping authoritative flow. The track builds towards another magnetically melodic hook, emerging as a celebratory anthem for the fresh and fiery Florida talent.

Releasing with Republic Records (a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.), the Broward County rapper gets a lot off his chest so that his listeners feel the depth of his lyrics. Heem wants to assure whoever hears “Champagne Showers” that he plans to be himself, regardless of where the fame takes him. A true coming-of-age story, the two minute thirty six second track is filled with personal anecdotes that are not only harmonized perfectly over King Nathan’s production but are quite raw.

In the track’s chorus, Heem doesn’t hold back on the emotion and says why he’s doing what he’s doing. He raps, “I’ve been grindin’ hard, I’m tryna get my momma out the bricks.” In his second verse, Heem follows up saying, “My family straight, that’s all that really matters to the kid.”

While putting his family first, Heem is staying true to himself and he’s doing that no matter what comes his way. He adds, in verse two, “I promise I won’t rap about no shit that I ain’t did… I’m the chosen one, I’m the one who ‘posed to change the way we live.”

This is not Heem’s first time rapping about the responsibility he feels towards working hard and providing for his family. On his November 2020 hit “Haha” produced by TnTXD & LC, Heem has said, “I can’t wait to get mama a crib, no apartment… How can I forget when we was sleepin’ on that carpet?”

After losing his brother, and being blessed with a son at 19, Heem has found all the discipline needed to elevate his music to the next level. The 23-year-old rapper is an undeniable name in the scene and his catchy bars are not stopping here. His songs not only speak to those who know his journey personally but rather to all those working hard to get to better places in life. A major force and one to be reckoned with, Heem’s music paves the way and needs to be heard on a much larger scale than just Florida.