“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”



Kicking off the year with a bang, acclaimed British blues-rock duo Ferris & Sylvester release Golden, the latest single to be lifted from their forthcoming debut album Superhuman, which is set for release March 11th, 2022 via PIAS/Integral.

The celebratory anthem offers another shade to the bands already rich palette as they bring pop, soul and roots influences into their already eclectic mix. In the accompanying music video (also available today), the lush, layered harmonies and horn accents are brought to life at the venue where the duo of Issy Ferris and Archie Sylvester first met: Londons beloved Spiritual Bar and shows us their journey from playing solo, to playing together, and finally to a crowded room – just like we dreamed”.

They say Golden is a song for the dreamers. For those who are searching for something more and aren’t quite sure how to get there, but fight for it everyday despite the odds. We wrote this at a time of great uncertainty, asking ourselves where are we going? Has anyone else been here? Sometimes those big questions can cloud you, yet your dreams somehow find a way through the fog. We hope this speaks to people and inspires them to dig in and keep dreaming.”

From tomorrow, the pair are back on the road in support of the Music Venue Trust for their Revive Live tour. The six-date run will see the duo perform in grassroots local venues up and down the country. They are thrilled to be able to do their bit to support independent venues, especially given how tough the last couple of years have been.

Now more than ever, local communities and artists need these spaces to be nurtured and kept alive, they explain, and given their origin story – meeting in a small independent venue, this feels even more special. Not only were we given a stage on which to grow and develop night after night, it is where we’ve met our dearest friends, they add, Music Venue Trust recognise what grassroots venues can bring to a community and strive to protect and celebrate them. We could not be more honoured to be a small part of their story.”

The rest of 2022 is set to be similarly busy as Ferris & Sylvester continue their path to their debut album. This Spring they’re set to head out to SXSW for their first US shows since 2019 with more live shows and appearances to be announced soon.

Ferris & Sylvester’s debut LP shrewdly documents the talented pair’s creative and personal journey with one another. The 12 track album – recorded in Seattle USA with Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers, The Strokes), and Cornwall UK with Michael Rendall (Pink Floyd, Youth) – holds 10 brand new songs and takes the listener on a journey through the duo’s world where genres intertwine and emotions are stripped down to the core.

Superhuman came together when Issy and Archie escaped to the countryside. As lockdowns began, they discovered a life away from touring, where writing and recording was sandwiched between hiking, knitting and growing their own food.

Hailed for their immaculate harmonies and rich, fully realised sound (Rolling Stone), Ferris & Sylvester fuse folk and rock’n’roll sensibilities into an undeniable sound that has previously landed them comparisons to everyone from Simon & Garfunkel to First Aid Kit, and gigs with Mystery Jets, Robert Plant, George Ezra, Jade Bird among others.

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