Foreign Air w/ Honors Lights Up The Night at High Watt

Written By | Danita Reddick

The rock/ hip-hop duo, Foreign Air, hooked the audience with their indie-electronic vibe set along with Honors hyping the crowd for the night.

Photo By | Danita Reddick

The venue filled up inside around 8:45 p.m. making it a full crowd for the opening band. The crowd seemed to enjoy themselves at the perfect setting venue set up in three areas, left-hand side has higher seating area where the crowd can see the performance while sitting down, the pit area in the middle of the room, and the bar on the right-hand side where merchandise can be easily accessible to the concert goers.

Honors, opened the show with excessive energy, drawing up the crowd with interactions with the crowds by throw-of-hands in the air and having everyone shining their light from their phones making it beautifully-lit in the crowds.  Honor’s music vibe was also rock, hip hop, electronic sound, similar, but different from the main act like and went great together for the show.

Photo By | Danita Reddick

The part that was enjoyable that brought a lot to the performance was the add-on back lights that added major effect to the Foreign Air performance and highlighted the vibe of the music when they performed with a mix of blue, red, white, green, and purple shinning at the audience. With the switch of drum beats, and key riffs, the lights changed to various colors that highlighted the mood and this made the crowd even more entertained.

Getting a great set number of pictures was a bit of a struggle every time there is a back light on the performers, but some came out clear throughout the performance. Crazy mix of lights make the event more colorful in the pictures. When the light is not directly on the face of the artists that makes the picture have more noise in the photo and not come out as clear.

Overall, Foreign Airs performance was a great show to attend and everyone was into the music. I thought the venue was a great setting for the bands and may need a bigger venue for their return to Nashville.

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