West London rapper Fredo is back with the album Unfinished Business. Since his last record, he’s become a father, invested in high-end clothing and trainer store Kick Game, and launched his own clothing line PG [parental guidance]. Rolling Stone UK meets a man at the top of his game, who’s ready to get real on his future, going independent and dealing with the emotional fallout of losing two close friends .

Fredo on going independent with his own imprint PG Records:
“I was independent even when I was signed. All them other albums you heard, bro, I think maybe the label got me one beat; my label has never got me a feature or nothing. I’ve always been real self-sufficient,”

Fredo on quitting rapping:
“I feel like there are different reasons why I feel to quit rapping, because I know it’s not gonna last forever anyway. I can’t put all my eggs in that basket, and sometimes just the stuff that comes with it can get tiring.”

Fredo on taking a break from music between his last releases and Unfinished Business:
“I just needed a break, I just needed to live, and two of my friends had passed away, so yeah I just needed a break and just to go and enjoy life for a bit.”

Fredo on dealing with the fallout of two close friends’ deaths:
“They make me question religion. They make me wonder about heaven and hell and stuff like that. Why does God do the things he does? And where my friends are and shit like that.”

Fredo on his rumoured collab with Nines:
“Yeah, this year for sure. We started recording it already.”