Atlanta’s trailblazing newcomer Cae Cartier has released another street fearless anthem titled Mozart via Special Entertainment Geffen Records

The single epitomizes the 22-year old rapper’s willing and unafraid attitude as the track itself serves as a flawless representation of truth and power to those who face the everyday challenges of being marginalized and oppressed. This musical status quo is an early testament to the power that Cae Cartier holds with his bold lyrical prowess and dauntlessly apprehensive frame of mind.

In the “Mozart” music video, Cae Cartier attributes to his menacing demeanor depicted in his raps as he portrays both celestial and malevolent characters. The audiovisual is thought-provoking and otherworldly, as the church setting symbolizes the struggles that he has faced in his life and his willingness to deter them. The combination of the intense performance and haunting cinematography complements the energy and passion of Cae Cartier as this visual experience is sure to leave viewers captivated.

“Mozart” follows Cae Cartier’s 2022 released singles “Smoke” and “Tuci” both in which adhere to the similar provocative nature and unadulterated message that is sure to resonate with fans in uncompromised fashion. Despite having only a small body of work available to the public, Cae has clearly shown himself as a multi-talented vocalist and writer who can adapt to any challenge thrown his way. That talent will be on fuller display soon. 

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Like “Tuci” and “Smoke,” “Mozart” precedes Cae’s debut EP, which is expected in the first quarter of 2023. If his latest tracks are any indication, it’s going to be well worth the wait.

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