In 2018, girl in red released “we fell in love in october”, a stunning pop song about autumnal romance. The song, which is certified Platinum and the most streamed song in girl in red’s catalogue, quickly became a cultural touchpoint, with fans gravitating towards its narrative and applying the sound, lyrics and feeling to their own lives and search for love. Although “we fell in love in october” streams year round, come August/September, fans quickly declare it girl in red season and begin to propel the song with constant plays, audience led streaming and user generated story telling via social media platforms. For example, this past month, “we fell in love in October” re-entered the Spotify 100.

Today, as a thank you to the fans, girl in red has released a stand alone track entitled “October Passed Me By”, a sequel and continuation of her beloved “we fell in love in october”. Listen to the stunning song here. In “October Passed Me By” girl in red revisits a love story and unpacks her feelings. Over a hypnotic melody, she sweetly but heartachingly notes that “I keep the letters that you wrote in a secret place / every now in then I go down memory lane / October passed me by / just like any month / but I still think of the times you took the breath out of my lungs.

Additionally, girl in red has released the accompanying short film for “October Passed Me By”’ – watch the bittersweet, vulnerable and ultimately hopeful story, set amongst hallmarks of fall such as blankets, rustling fall foliage and tea. The short film, directed by Gustav Johansson, stars respected Norwegian actress Lisa Loven Kongsli as well as Ruth Vega Fernandes.

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In a deeply honest letter regarding the track, girl in red shares, “October Passed Me By has been living in the back of my head since June 2021. Every fall since I put out we fell in love in October in 2018, I was encouraged to do things on social media to talk about the song again. Making TikToks, Instagram posts and other things about a song I made years ago never felt honest. I’m not in the same place as I was when I wrote the song, emotionally or artistically, so pretending to be so felt boring and uninteresting. So, I never did any of that; but last year something happened in my personal love life that brought up a lot of feelings that I had to confront internally.

I met Aaron Dessner in the fall of 2021. I told him I had this song that I had written and wanted to make but I hadn’t started recording it yet. I had never worked with him, so for me it felt like an interesting and also lowkey thing to try out. I finished writing the song in Oslo and LA, working remotely with Aaron and with my great friend Matias Tellez on mix.

October Passed Me By is where I’m at today, emotionally and musically. Grateful for what has been, and full of love for a very special person that made a huge impact on me as a person. And also, I thought it was way cooler to expand the we fell in love in October universe artistically, rather than making some uninspired videos that will disappear into the black hole of content that is TikTok.

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