Glamour and Passion Powers Trucco’s Te Culeo a Toda Hora

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On “Te Culeo a Toda Hora,” Trucco delivers a soundtrack for lust. Such an intense experience that the song holds nothing back. His vocals rest right in the center of the whole thing, for they have this grace. However, by far, the highlight comes from the lyrics, which drip with this anticipation, this control and fire that comes straight from the heart. Word choice further emphasizes his distinctive personality, the kind of thing that great musicians have, that of their unique identity. 

A tropical vibe kicks it off. The gingerly way that the beats enter into the equation feels inspiring. Over the work, plenty of additional detail enters the forefront. Though, the main star of the show comes from his vocals. With all the confidence he’s built up from his career in modeling/acting, it makes sense that he could swerve the narrative so effectively. Nods to groups like Bad Bunny certainly factor into the overall sound, but his style does feel uniquely his own. On all these separate flourishes, entire worlds are implied, which draws the listener into this sense of community. From beginning to end, something is entrancing about how he does things, as it has this futuristic glimmer. 

Trucco presents this joyous, wild, and animalistic sound on “Te Culeo a Toda Hora,” capturing a whole moment in a singular sound.