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Half Alive Live at The Howler Melbourne, Australia

Written By | Kyle Dobie

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Californian trio Half Alive, exceded expectation last Saturday night at their sold-out show in Melbourne, Australia. The Experimental band has been on the “highly anticipated” category since their the first release back in 2017. The band’s in Australia for their first-ever national headline tour, conquering Australia and New Zealand. Half Alive is made up of 3 members Josh Taylor, Brett Kramer and J Tyler Johnson. The band’s debut album “Now, Not Yet” released 9th of August has hit the charts, making a name not just for the band but their choreographers JA Collective.

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The night kicked off with up and coming Australian band Approachable Members of Your Local Community. Playing a set consisting of hits from their latest album “If there’s anything you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us”. The crowd loved their quirky banter amongst themselves, setting the mood for the entire night.

It was now time for the main event. The crowd settled for Half Alive as they walked on stage in a cloud of smoke. Opening with abstract beats from their song “Ok Ok”, the experimental set curated a performance from leading choreographers JA Collective.

Half Alive curated an innovative experience with the combination of specialised choreography and experimental music. The intricate dance moves were performed by the band members and dancers (JA Collective). Combining these two mediums throughout their music videos translated heavily into their performance.

Half Alive brought the set alive delivering an immersive experience to the audience. There was not a single person in the venue not dancing along to each song. An exceptional performance from Half Alive who as we all know is becoming the next big thing.

Photo Credit: Kyle Dobie

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