Half Hearted Releases Debut Self-Titled Album

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Listen HERE
East-coast rockers Half Hearted are very excited to have released their debut self-titled album today. It is now available across streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, and more. The album is the home of singles “Vicious Cycle,” “One Drink,” and “Liar.”

On the album, the band shares, “We spent the first eight months of 2019 sitting in a tiny room writing/recording these songs. We produced the album ourselves, with no outside help whatsoever, and that resulted in 12 very personal tracks that we are unbelievably proud of. This album is for people who are heartbroken and on the shit end of a relationship. It could be a relationship with another person, an idea, or even a personal goal that you haven’t had much luck completing. It’s for the people who keep coming up short, but never quit.”

Half Hearted is a rock band based out of Hartford, Connecticut. The band consists of Sean Dalke (vocals), Jason Grandell (guitar), Parker Fortune (drums) and Nicolas Viglione (bass). Their EP How To Be Alone was released in fall of 2018, in the middle of the band’s first full US/Canada tour. Half Hearted had their first sold out headline show in their home state in February of 2019, followed by the release of their latest single ‘Eighteen’ shortly after, which has broken 100K streams. After spending the majority of 2019 writing and recording, the band’s debut album is out now.