Los Angeles’ Harmony releases her debut solo EP Dystopia Girl via Harmony’s Fantasy Corp. Across the five tracks of Dystopia Girl, Harmony explores the thrilling “holographic lie” of an enchanted reality by weaving her boldly vulnerable, self-aware and raw songwriting with glistening sonics. Alongside the EP’s release, Harmony shares the new video for the project’s title track co-directed by Harmony herself and Francis Brady, where we see Harmony surrounded by plastered portraits and a large cardboard cutout of herself. Speaking about the “Dystopia Girl” song, Harmony shares, “‘Dystopia Girl’ is about the desire to be loved as a dysfunctional person in a dysfunctional world.” 

Additionally, Harmony will bring Dystopia Girl to the stage in New York City, London and Los Angeles this September and October. Full tour routing below and tickets available for each show HERE

A Libra through and through, Harmony is obsessed with balance and the union of opposites. The Angeleno’s debut solo project is a reflection of just that; composed of both ballads and bops, traversing themes of certainty and doubt, mysticism and cynicism, and fantasy and reality. It is at once viscerally passionate and gracefully impartial; both gravely serious and tongue-in-cheek frivolous. The Dystopia Girl EP is a compact emotional whirlwind of euphoric highs and devastating lows felt to their fullest and presented in perfect harmony. Dystopia Girl includes the previously shared tracks “Shoplifting From Nike,” which was produced with Wyatt Bernard and Austin Corona and arrived with a playful video directed by Morgan Maher and “Good Things Take Time,” which arrived with a video also directed by Maher and was produced by Bernard, Dylan Brady, Francis Brady and Micah Jasper and was mixed by Kayla Regan.

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Harmony is a singer-songwriter who has made a name for herself with her poignant lyrics and delicate, evocative voice. As one half of canonical indie band Girlpool, Harmony’s songwriting has often been praised for its striking honesty and emotional clarity. With her foray into pop music, she brings the same poetical fervor and olympic emotion. Harmony delves into the complexities of the human experience with a depth and sensitivity that is rare in the pop music landscape. 

Born and raised in Hollywood, amidst a chimerical bricolage of glimmering fantasy and brutal destitution, Harmony has always been taken by contrast. Glitz and grime abreast, her hometown prompts questions of artifice and authenticity, instilling in her a belief that being is a creative act. Navigating this tentativerelationship with reality, Harmony sings of infinity worlds, reality restarts, and angel kisses from the next dimension. Equally at ease with the introspective and personal, Harmony gives us “taxidermy daydreams” and “laxative bliss” in her musings on body image and femininity.

Listen to the Dystopia Girl EP and check out the “Dystopia Girl” video above, see full tour routing below and stay tuned for more from Harmony coming soon.

Upcoming Live Dates

9/6 – New York, New York @ Baby’s All Right

9/19 – London, UK @ Sebright Arms

10/5 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Virgil



Dystopia Girl EP

August 25th, 2023

Harmony’s Fantasy Corp

1. Angel Kisses

2. Good Things Take Time

3. Shoplifting From Nike

4. I Am So Lucky And Nothing Can Stop Me

5. Dystopia Girl


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