Seattle rapper Highway releases “Sin City”, a hypnotic new single drenched in braggadocio and opulence. Listen HERE via Victor Victor Worldwide/Geffen Records. Featuring a slurred melody and flamboyant flexes, Highway’s latest dose of excess is his first release since dropping 2022’s acclaimed 5-track Livin Like That EP. 

Sliding over an opiate synth loop, Highway unspools images of luxury and danger, a pairing befitting of a song called “Sin City.” “I’m in the back of the trap counting racks up, I got killas — they don’t call back up,” he spits. “Class full of shooters everybody get ya Macs up, get the fuck up out the spot if you aint getting yo racks up.” The track’s no-holds-barred tone is reflected in the TK video. 

Sensuous and sleek, “Sin City” embodies clandestine cool — a soundtrack for a detour to the wild side. It’s also a reminder of the dynamic songwriting and narcotized vocals that shaped Livin Like That, an explosive EP characterized by impressionistic lyrics, entrancing hooks and irrepressible style. With tracks like “We Can Go,” “No Guitar,” “By Myself” and “Life Like That,” the project crystallized the buzz for the up-and-coming stylist. 

While he might be a fresh face to some, Highway is a multi-dimensional producer and artist who on his way to flooding the scene with his unique talents. His debut major-label mixtape showcased an artist firmly tapped into the cultural zeitgeist, with the songwriting and production chops to make the work entirely his own. In 2022, Highway proved to be a breakout star. Now, with “Sin City” at his back, he’s set to level up once again.

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