Hip Hop Artist Thais Gonsalez: “Music is my life, and My Fans have Spurred Me to Keep at It”

Thais Gonzalez is best known by her artist name “Sweet Té ” and formally known as “Princess Thais” This multi published model, poet, actress and musician has taken the social media world and the hip hop community by storm. Her first single “Took His Money” has already been played in clubs across the United States as well as radio stations including on the all popular radio station Hot 97. In addition to her single “Took His money” this super star in the making has also recently worked with Hip Hop Legend, rapper Parrish Smith of EPMD who produced the newest song she is featured in “Heat” shock was released November 2019. And continuing to work with hip hop greats, she is due to release her official remix to Felix Felgado artist name Cuban Link- newest single “On My New York Sh*t”. Conceited Magazine to name a few!



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