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The unmistakable Reggi El Auténtico releases his highly anticipated single, “Like 50,” a trap song with the distinctive catchy rhythms that set him apart within the genre. This unsurpassed talent pays tribute to one of his main musical inspirations, rapper 50 Cent, with a track that comes packed with his signature soulful tropical sound. As a solo artist, Reggi comes to enhance urban music with this new track that, aside from honoring one of the biggest rap artists today, also proves the musical genius of this original artist.

“Like 50” pays homage to one of Reggi El Auténtico’s favorite rappers and biggest musical influences, Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, hence the name of the song. Reggi became a fan of 50 Cent between 2003 – 2004. At this point in his career, the Venezuelan feels identified with the 50 Cent of that time, both in terms of life experiences as well as the energy that the renowned rapper transmitted to the urban music star. Reggi composed the track and it was produced by Reggi himself along with TENSO BEATS, a talented Venezuelan producer who is great at making trap.

The track is accompanied by a video that takes the tribute to 50 Cent one step further. 50 Cent is undoubtedly the king of New York, so the video shows Reggi on the streets of the city that never sleeps with his friend, Kennedy Films, hanging out in Times Square and other iconic locations which interject with the trap beats and unique lyrics of Reggi. The video was edited by the talented STORY OF ARA.

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“It’s something new for my audience, something different….I felt the need to release a delivery that only a few close fans know about me,” said Reggi El Auténtico.

Reggi El Auténtico has the musical instincts that create hits and this versatile musical genius, who this year joined the Aftercluv family as a solo artist, continues to awaken the senses of fans and critics alike through his distinctive lyrics and style. His unique urban tropical sound touches the minds and hearts of urban Latin music fans.

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