How Rising Artist Sami Baki Popped Up On Our Radar

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Sami Baki fans, mark your calendars! Sami Baki has revealed that there is much in store for his upcoming solo album and single. His recent release, “Power Up” is a crowd pleaser among listeners of Sami Baki old and new.

The album, according to the statement, “A mix of house and techno, made for people to move and dance.” In addition, beginning with a single set to release later this year — the title of which has not yet been revealed — “diverse content to show Sami’s creative identity as an artist will be introduced.”

Sami Baki also shared his story that inspired his music. After a life changing experience 6 years ago, Sami explains his music career was his goal in order to be financially independent and live out his passion for music.

“I knew that my ultimate goal was be a successful music artist but I knew it required a lot of hard work and sleepless nights,” Sami Baki says, “It was a lot of hard work. After a couple of months though, I had landed a paid gig and was making enough to quit my restaurant job and focus more on my music.”

In addition to releasing his solo album, it was announced that Sami Baki is set to open at music events throughout the year. 

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