Emerging 19-year-old Canadian artist Nick Campbell, who goes by the moniker HRT SZN (Hurt Season), has dropped his debut EP Some Songs out now. The 6-track EP serves as an introduction to HRT SZN and takes listeners on a genre-defying musical rollercoaster of teen angst via a sonic exploration of hip hop, grunge rock, alternative, and metal elements. Ultimately drawing inspiration from his idols Lil Peep, Juice WRLD, and XXXTentacion Some Songs is cathartic, raw, and confessional at its core. It chronicles a young man’s life as he grapples with the pain, isolation, and vast range of emotions felt by working through addiction, anxiety, and depression.

Accompanying the EP’s release is the official video for “Bloody Nose”. The aptly named visual directed by Miles Lee starts with HRT SZN’s bloody nose, resulting from an altercation over a love interest. It then unfolds into an intimate portrait of pure emotion and heartache that channels through his demons while depicting love and addiction as a package deal. Speaking on the video, HRT SZN says, “‘Bloody Nose’ is about how I always end up putting my faith into the wrong people or things and never learning the lesson.”

HRT SZN wanted to be an artist and found his voice while undergoing treatment for his mental health and drug addiction. After many failed attempts at rehab and therapy, HRT SZN was introduced to DJ/producer/cultural tastemaker HXV (Heroes x Villains) and “Party Like a Rockstar” record producer Jason Pittman. Whom together for the past two years have been helping Nick channel his pain, suffering, and isolation into a less self-destructive avenue via his music. Resulting in rebirth and a newfound solace that he hopes inspires others to continue living and pushing through life’s obstacles and darkest days. He shares, “My heroes aren’t alive anymore, which is why ‘Some Songs’ is not only my intro to the world but also my way of saying it’s going to be okay, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel through all the pain, heartache and isolation. You Are Not Alone.”

Stream/purchase Some Songs, watch “Bloody Nose” and follow HRT SZN for more news.

1. Frost Mourn
2. Bloody Nose
3. Teenage Tragedy
4. Aint Comin Home
5. Collide
6. Permanently Damaged