IMPRINT Review | “Always Something” EP by Phil Adé

Written By | Joshua Habtwold

Silver Springs, MD rapper, producer, and artist Phil Adé recently released his debut EP, “Always Something.” The Nigerian/Grenadian-American artist is known for sharpening his craft and delivering effortless lyrics discussing both the positives and negatives of his past, present and future. He has written in the studio with numerous artists and has previously collaborated with Wale, Mac Miller, Logic and much more. The six-song EP has astounding features with the likes Lil Baby, GoldLink, Rich The Kid, Wale and Fatman Scoop.

A true voice of the DMV hip-hop scene, Adé is starting a brand new chapter for rap stardom and it showcases his diversity as he smoothly transitions between both rapping and singing. The tracks focus heavily on Adé’s appreciation for live instrumentation which he developed while coming up in the DMV music scene. Every song brings its own uniqueness, but each title contains the word “Something” therefore allowing for a real cohesion.

By using diversified samples and different sets of live production, Adé delivers from track to track with his nonchalant lyrical presence, pleasing vocals, and on-point cadences. Phil Adé also talks about a variety of things, from song to song, such as living lavishly, dealing with relationships, starting up in rapping after dropping out of college, positivity and the hardships of friendships and relationships on a 6-track EP. Here at IMPRINT, we gave this 15-minute EP a listen and here’s what we think of these 5 tracks, excluding the intro.

Something New (feat. Lil Baby) – is a 3:52-minute song, which talks about the hardships of dealing with friendships and relationships. In this song, Adé describes his situations of changing his lifestyle once he became famous and focusing on what he has left, and leaving every hardship he dealt with, in the past. He also spoke about dropping out of

Montgomery College, in Silver Springs, to pursue his music career, and how it made him more successful today, as one of the leading artists’ in the DMV area. The soothing flute sounds and rattling four-step trap beat brings the centre of nonchalance and self-righteousness on a good note, and it is much more exemplified in Lil Baby’s verse, which he talks about his lavish lifestyle and how he left his past in order to live a better lifestyle.

Quote: “Been had the juice, never came out the cup. I got too much to lose, I ain’t got too much to trust. Ain’t too much you can do, ni**a there’s too much us.”

Something for Nothin’ (feat. Rich the Kid) is a 2:39-minute song about his rags-to-riches story of how he went from nothing to something. He spoke about keeping his business relations private, as a way of not letting people know his next moves, as well as his own people not switching upon him and the lavish lifestyle he experiences. In addition, he talks about his smoking/drinking lifestyle, the women he encounters, and the needs of his family. Rich the Kid also delivered well in the song, in which he speaks on how he’s been making money off his lavish lifestyle, and how he seems to enjoy life.

Quote: “Don’t be trying to let these ni**as know my every move, for the plottin, keep it clear, it go Benny Boom.”

Something’s Up – is a 3:49-minute song about a relationship that Adé is dealing with a significant other. He notices that the woman is attracted to him, based on body language and her viewpoint. The song derives a 90s R&B sound with the deep R&B samples, and it insinuates on how Phil wants the relationship with his significant other to be forever, and that he wants her to express her emotions. Although he notices signs that his girl is portraying from her past relationship problems, Phil wants to solve the situation and wants his girl to forget the past, and stay clear for the future.

Quote: “Say what you’re feeling, don’t let it take its toll.”

Something Sweet (feat. DJ Money & Fatman Scoop) – is a 3:21-minute song about that samples the hook from R&B/Electronica duo The Foreign Exchange’s 2008 track, “Sweeter Than You.” With the signature DMV electronica-rap production, the intriguing vocals from DJ Money and the ad-libbing from Fatman Scoop, the song’s basis is about Adé’s relationship turmoils and triumphs he experiences with his significant other. He mentions about bringing positivity for the relationship, even if there are breaking points of wanting to end the relationship. He also mentions his attraction for his significant other, appreciates her gifts and flaws, and feels that his heart is set for her than nobody else.

Quote: “What could be sweeter than you.”

Something Real (feat. Wale & GoldLink) is a 3:03-minute song with unique horn synthesizers during the beginning of the song, as a way to give an arising moment. The song deals with his lifestyle while growing up in Silver Springs, MD, his easier access to more women and people who will back him up, in any situation. Throughout the rest of the song, Phil wants something real in a relationship, and nothing fabricated through lies or fake perceptions from social media. GoldLink’s verse is all about wanting his girl to come to him, based on his accolades and successful lifestyle. He also talks about his success since his rise to fame in 2017, and how his city is fully supporting him, based on his music. Wale talks about how he provides for his past significant others and compares it with other people who don’t provide as much. He also speaks about how he handles his business, and how he is lyrically superior, just like his other peers in the industry.

Quote:Show me something real, shawty. I’ll ride for it, I’ll die for it, I won’t ignore it. Show me something real, baby. I’ll live for it, I’ll give for it, I won’t ignore it.”

Overall, this EP is a pretty unique start to who Phil Adé is, as a major upcoming artist. The live production of this EP and the heavy-hitting features deliver his presence as a rapper and singer-songwriter, in an amazing way. It also comes with a great blend of love and relationships, as well as keeping true to yourself and focusing on your own lane. This is definitely something that I would truly recommend. This release is a proper example of how Phil Adé is starting to develop his own lane as the most exciting new rapper to watch in 2019.

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