Independent Artist Spotlight: J. Hustles

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J. Hustles is a rising independent artist with strong family ties to the music industry. As an artist himself, he is well on his way to 2,000 monthly listeners on Spotify which is just the beginning for him and his grand plans for his career. Recently, the blossoming emcee released his latest single, ‘Grey Skies’, and it will surpass 10,000 streams on Spotify any day now.

With his growing following and the release of this new fantastic single, we took some time to catch up with him. We took the time to check out ‘Grey Skies’ and to learn more about J’s past, present, and goals for the future. In the end, we came away impressed by his story and in love with his approach to his art.

That intimate relationship with music from an early age combined with his diversified influence list has helped J build his foundation and become the artist that he is today.

That vulnerability and authenticity both shine through on this track and we agree that it’s certainly one of his best releases to date, if not the best. With that said, ‘Grey Skies’ is absolutely in the running for the best that he’s released, so let’s turn our attention to it now.

Artists by nature are usually driven by leaving something behind and that clearly drives J. Hustles. The mentor relationship he’s also developed is a sign of an artist and a human being that just truly gets it.

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