Independent Artist Spotlight: Ja3lon

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Ja3lon is an independent artist hailing from the world-famous Detroit Michigan. The east side of Detroit to be exact. Growing up in one of the most notorious music cities in the world, he got his start in creating music at just eight years old. Years later, following the release of his latest album, ‘Press SZN : 2’, we decided to check in with the up-and-coming star to learn about his story.

After spending years perfecting his sound and skills, Ja3lon began releasing music back in 2017. In 2020 he released ‘Press SZN’ and now followed that up with this summer’s release. With all of this going on, it seemed like a logical time to catch up with him and to review the album. Before we get onto the review, let’s learn more about his upbringing.

Getting over the hurdle of going from making music privately to sharing it with the public is a big hurdle for many artists. Luckily for us, Ja3lon was able to do so.

From that point on, Ja3lon turned his attention and focus to releasing more and more high-quality tracks and albums. That brings us to the present day, where Ja3lon released his newest album ‘Press SZN : 2’.

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