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Independent Artist Spotlight: Spooky Goth Music

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Spooky Goth Music is the creation of Johnny Michaels, a singer-songwriter born in the Philippines before being adopted and moving to small-town Connecticut, and then eventually growing up musically in Brooklyn. This unique and worldly upbringing has provided him with the ability to have a well-rounded life experience and use that in his artistry.

Michaels initially broke into music as a professional hip-hop dancer and in 2021 returned to making music after a 15-year hiatus. Beyond being a dancer and a singer-songwriter, he has been playing guitar, drums, and piano since a young age making him an all-around musician with a versatile background.

n less than a year since getting back on the scene, Spooky Goth Music has accumulated 1,300 monthly listeners and has quickly become an artist to watch. With all of this going on, we took some time to catch up with him and find out more about how he got here and what’s next for him.

As with any story, we started at the beginning with him and asked how he started Spooky Goth Music.

While the name is one that grabs your attention and even sounds not serious, it just takes one listen to hear the level of care and genuine professionalism in his sound. For instance, the song ‘Lonely’ (his most streamed on Spotify), is a great synth-pop song that’s lyrics accurately reflect the shared experience of humans over the last year plus.

Spooky Goth Music is absolutely an artist to watch and you can follow along with the links below and support him going forward.

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