“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”

Independent Artist Spotlight: YS Pablo

Paul Nuseli Yao Ametepi, otherwise known as YS Pablo, is fresh off of the release of his newest EP, ‘Evolution’, and is a rising star on the independent artist music scene. Like so many artists before him, music began as an act of personal expression that allowed him to process and express the events of his life and their effect on himself. In the wake of that, he is setting his aim on creating a professional career out of music and turning his passion into a calling.

Despite being a young and new artist, Paul has a lot going on for himself at this point and time. Despite having a limited catalog on Spotify, he is quickly approaching 2,000 monthly listeners on the platform which is an incredible accomplishment this quickly.

While you can hear these influences in his music you can also tell that he has created a sound all of his own.

‘Evolution’ is an eight-track EP that has been taking the independent artist scene by storm. The album kicks in with an intro where YS Pablo speaks directly to his audience about his own evolution and the very personal nature of the EP. From there, it delivers on some intense tracks like ‘Darkness’ and ‘Mentality’ which feature dark beats and edgy lyrical assaults. The EP also features more upbeat and confident tracks like ‘The Greatest’ and ‘Bands and Braggadocio’.

This evolution is evident in the track progression on the album, and it’s one that is best witnessed first hand.

It’s clear at this time, he’s taking it step-by-step. As they say, to build a perfect brick wall, you must build it by laying each brick perfectly. It seems as though YS Pablo is taking that approach. The sky’s the limit for this young artist so follow along with the links below.