Hailing from Hammond, Indiana, Vince Ash is giving the world another chance to get familiar with his world, which assures to be like no other. “Me being one of the few people to come from where I come from, it’s kind of like a responsibility,” Vince tells DJ Booth. “We’ve got a story that hasn’t been told. It’s our responsibility to give you the clearest picture of what it’s like to grow up here.”

Vince found inspiration in hip hop staples like Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane and Boosie but was also blessed to find inspiration through his family who toyed in the art form in addition to local acts like CCA and Ric Jilla.

“If they hear I’m from out here and they listen to my music, and they can’t identify with it, it would be pointless,” he says. “It’s also important to stay authentic to your sound and who you are because when it comes to your younger fans, ain’t no telling who you’re influencing. As rappers, we don’t take enough accountability for that. That’s something that needs to be spoken more about.

VITO upholds Vince’s sentiments with gritty yet intentional production and flowing bars that present thoughtful perspectives and honest truths. “6.52” acts as a companion to “Mafia Music” as Skiinny, Nuskii and Tremaine make noted comebacks. With Rosenberg in Vince’s corner, the rapper is bound to finally make his mark.

Vince Ash’s “VITO” 
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