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Hackensack, New Jersey native, Dan Purcell, releases his newest single, “Marathon,” out now on all streaming platforms. Since first exploding onto the independent scene with his debut single, “Serendipity,” Purcell has established himself as an artist to watch, thanks to his deep catalogue of uplifting indie-pop songs. An insatiable songwriter who believes that there is a story to be found in everything, Dan draws influence from a wide range of genres, including pop, R&B, and pop-punk.

Coming off of the release of his debut EP earlier this year, Purcell already knew that he wanted his next project to revolve around collaborations with other artists. Purcell reached out to B.Keyz, the featured artist on “Marathon,” and proposed a unique creative process: Purcell wanted B.Keyz to write a verse based on the song’s hook. After hearing the song’s hook, B.Keyz put together an incredible interpretation of the song. Purcell then added what he calls his “Harmonic Hypeman” technique, putting his own stacked vocal adlibs on top of B.Keyz’ verse.

With “Marathon,” Purcell set out to capture one of his favorite vibes: driving home from the beach with your favorite song blasting on the radio. “Marathon” has a retro, nostalgic feel to it, with its breezy production and surf rock roots, providing the perfect complement to Purcell’s deft, imagery-driven lyricism, as he reflects on an old idiom that he used to hear time and again: “Life is a marathon, not a sprint.” With his polished vocals and thoughtful songwriting, he explores how this phrase can apply to a relationship. He explains, “I really wanted to explore subjects of masculinity, commitment and what growth looks like inside a relationship.” 

A 27 year-old, Purcell has been making music all his life, but began to really take it seriously beginning in 2020, when he released “Serendipity.” Taking a thoughtful, mature approach to his songwriting, Purcell brings a refreshing perspective to the indie-pop scene. Purcell now looks to add to his already deep catalogue with his debut album, on the way in 2022.

With the release of his latest single, “Marathon,” Dan Purcell continues to show off his groovy, indie-pop sound and his artistic vision. Throughout his entire catalogue, Purcell has established himself as an engaging storyteller and thematic lyricist, and he continues to make good on that reputation with “Marathon.” Over the song’s 3:27 runtime, Purcell delves into topics of masculinity, commitment, and growth as he explores what it is like for a man to be in a healthy relationship and reinforces that love, just like life itself, is a marathon, not a sprint. Sonically, “Marathon” shows off Purcell’s familiar genre-bending style, with the track’s synths giving off a nostalgic, retro vibe perfect for summer days, driving home from the beach. Teaming up with B.Keyz, Purcell has a hit on his hands here.

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