“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”

Introducing Savannah’s Own Dakoda Craft

Dakoda Craft is located in Savannah, GA. He never had a good childhood it’s been along coming I guess we can say he started low,  and has pushed himself to now start climbing up!

His Life Story= DEVASTATING!
He released his 1st EP a few years ago and it’s called Resurrection!
He does everything independent.
He is in the army as a 19 Delta.
Music makes his life and he has been making music since he was like 6 years old and recording since he was 10. He honestly can record about anything. His style changes on tracks randomly. He either does pop hip hop or just old school hip hop. Music is his passion and he is looking forward to his future in the industry. If we can ask for any help since he’s independent. It would be can you honestly just check his stuff out and share it around?

Be on the look out for Dakoda Craft’s interview on this is 50!

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