“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”

Introducing Singer-Rapper Mollie Jay

Mollie Jay is a singer, songwriter, and rapper hailing from Washington DC and now living in Los Angeles. She is a soulful songstress with the ability to spit intricate bars with the best of them. Her voice was discovered as a teenager when she would belt her favorite Toni Braxton jams around her parents.

Mollie grew up in PG county where hip hop was the dominant culture. She began spitting bars with fervor at an early age to release her stress. Ms. Jay has consistently released singles to streaming platforms and iTunes since 2014. She has also released to SoundCloud. Her biggest accomplishment thus far was her song, “Shine,” which landed at #21 on the billboard dance charts in 2016.

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Her single, “Wedding Crashers,” was produced by Samuel Christian of the infamous Dungeon Family. Mollie Jay released her debut EP titled, ‘(K)now Better’ in June 2020. It is a collection of dark pop anthems with RnB influenced vocals. The music video for the lead single ’Never too Far’ was released earlier this year.

She most recently released her first official rap song ‘SICKA.’ ‘SICKA’ was originally released on famous rapper The Game’s mixtape ‘Rules to the Game Vol.6.’ She continues to work hard on music that will be released in 2021, and is always ready to take on the next opportunity and challenge.