“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”

Introducing Texas Based Artist Lancky Cresco

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Texas based Songwriter, Producer, and Mix Engineer Lancky Cresco is a musical sensation.Blending RnB, Hip Hop, and Afro beat genres, Lancky Cresco makes music like painting an art piece. His intricate music flows naturally while displaying a unique mix of yester-years talents, and today’s sound. His unique and full bodied sound brings fresh energy to the traditional approaches in his genres. He started to cultivate his sound as a band member in a cultural group while he was in elementary school in Nigeria. He began to learn new instruments and develop his master level beats while drumming with the choir in church. Many years of musical expression and development have crafted the sounds we love to vibe to today.

Lancky Cresco creates music with the intention to uplift and provide feel-good vibrations. He uses a wide range of stories and perspectives to influence the listener in a positive way, with the desire to transform and inspire the world. He has described his music as Mente Music; music for the powerhouse mind to impact the life of listening by introducing a sound that can’t be replicated, as he paints with music in a very unique way.

Lancky Cresco is an admirer of the creative process and has grown up listening to many great artists and absorbing the musical  patterns. Lancky Cresco has described his own creative process saying, “I believe the background of all sounds received by the artist comes from a place that can’t be explained. Inspiration can be drawn from all over. As an artist you have to be able to be perceive energy as it comes and translate it to musical sound. My goal as an artist is to treat music as actual medicine for good mind and body.”