“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”

Introducing Waco born artist/songwriter ATM Man Man

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With unmistakable talent, style and charisma, it hard not to like ATM Man Man. If you have heard him then it is safe to say you have felt him! ATM Man Man is armed with potent lyrics and a unique delivery that is clearly his own.  His energetic yet charismatic presence takes everything that has been great about hip-hop in the past and takes it to the next level.

With the rap game being saturated with artist regurgitating bars and nonsense it is refreshing to hear ATM Man Man bringing back real finesse, style and lyricism.  “You have to understand when I was growing up hip hop was a way of life.  If you wanted to be taken seriously in the game, you had to come with dope lyrics so that is still engrained in me.  I honestly would be embarrassed to drop some of the music I’ve heard others pushing.  I’m like how the hell did you homeboys let you put this out?  They must not be your real homies.” ATM Man Man says.

We were able to get our hands on one of his latest singles, Boss.  It is quickly apparent that ATM Man Man is a very seasoned artist who is not afraid to be creative.  “All this blue POTUS I’m holding I’m hoping it got her all open and soaking.” ATM Man Man is heard rapping on the track. To be honest many of those that were able to hear the track were not knowledgeable on what POTUS was without the help of Google.  He came up with a unique way to mention the dead presidents that he was holding (money).  It is small details such as this that intrigue the devoted and intelligent hip hop listener.  There is never a wasted bar when ATM Man Man is in his zone.

ATM Man Man is abolishing the stereotypical mold of southern music by bringing a certain class of wordplay, lyricism, and thoughts over a diverse selection of music.  He brandishes a sound that is completely refreshing, undeniably different, and very innovative.  Steadily gaining momentum online with his driving, flawless production and amazing lyrics, ATM Man Man is placing himself in perfect position to make major marks in the music industry.

If you have not already PLEASE check out Boss by ATM Man Man today!


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