Jerry Paper w/ Healing Potpourri, Love You Later

Written By | Danita Reddick 

Photo By | Danita Reddick

The experimental cocktail/lounge music genreJerry Paperand the two other bands Healing Potpourri, and Love You Later gave the audience a chill vibe with bossa nova, whimsical soundscape.  

The venue was ready for the room to fill up with Jerry Paper, vibe-like music.  The other two bands did a great job setting the stage for Jerry Paper. The audience liked the dream indie-pop band, Love You Later who went on first. The lead singer wearing a jumper suit and pink cowboy hat grabbing the audience attention not just with her heartful vocals, but with her cool dance moves. She sings both an indie rock and dream pop musical genre getting the crowd in their feels with her romantic/heartbreak lyrics.  

The set after Love You Later, the band Healing Potpourri, who mentioned they were on tour with Jerry Paper, was a bigger set band with two guitar players, one on acoustic, the other on electric, a saxophone player, keyboard, and flute player. The band filled the venue with silky, bossa nova, beach vibe music. The crowd stood, watch and listened to their performance.  

The part that was enjoyable that brought a lot to the performance was the dance performance performed by both bands. Love You Later lead singer, twist kicked and jumped on stage along with Jerry Paper with awkward yet interesting dance moves, moving to his music while singing was very interesting. With all the cool dance moves it kept the crowd entertained and danced along with his music.  

Getting a great set number of pictures was a easier since there was not a lot of focus on back lighting, but it was also very dim for the setting of the show. Most pictures were grainy because of the lack of lighting, but some came out pretty good once the spotlight hit right on the lead vocalists and performers.  When the light is not directly on the face of the artists that makes the picture have more noise in the photo and not come out as clear.  

Overall, Jerry Paper’s performance was a great show to attend and everyone was into the music. I thought the venue was a great setting for the band’s music, sound and vibe. This was the first time I ever heard this genre of music and enjoyed the bassa nova, beach vibe. 

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