JGrrey Releases New Video and Single “Theirs13,” Out Now on PACE

South London singer-songwriter JGrrey(pronounced Jay-Grey) releases her hazy and intoxicating new single and video “Theirs13”. Stylish, enchanting, and captivating, this offering marks JGrrey’s triumphant return.

Touching on transitional periods and the yearning for childhood simplicity while framed as a serenade, the track explores JGrrey’s internal conflicts. A mixing pot of influences, the video directed by Joseph Wilson sees JGrrey seamlessly switch from the lo-fi affordable fun of the seaside arcade to the pure decadence of a richly adorned hotel bar. In her signature style, JGrrey invites her fans into her unique creative world. 

JGrrey elaborates: “Theirs13 is an ode to queerness. Inspired by a non-binary partner, who uses they/them pronouns. At the time of writing the song, I hadn’t met my partner, but we had really expansive conversations around identity, family, love, and wanting to belong. It’s about struggling with identity but finding out more about yourself in the process.” 

For JGrrey the past couple of years haven’t been a refresh as much as they have been a complete reinvention. Having first caught the public’s attention with her viral rendition of “Don’t Fade” on the COLORS platform in 2017, she went on to rack up millions of streams for breezy and soulful tracks “For Keeps and Growing as well as opening for Billie Eilish on her European tour. This isn’t a story of the global pandemic halting an artist’s momentum, though.

If anything, the enforced pause gave JGrrey the chance to finally reckon with who she was as a person and an artist. Jen to her friends. It had started to feel like the person and the persona were drifting apart. It’s been a heavy period of opening up and coming to terms with a set of truths Jen could no longer deny, and one that has set her onto a path of feeling more self-assured than she has been since stepping up to that Colors mic six years ago. 

Having taken a short break to re-center and reevaluate her personal needs and priorities, JGrrey is back in full force. JGrrey has cemented herself as one of the most exciting talents out of the UK. Through her music, she is offering dream-like escapism, all while sharing her powerful songwriting with her avid and anticipatory listeners.

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