Justin Mattock Feels Young Again on Seventeen

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Justin Mattock follows up on his string of successes with another tale told straight from the heart, “Seventeen”. Much like his debut single,“By Your Side,” this one has a romantic yearning, which is palpable. From his eight years in the Canadian music scene, Justin has learned a thing or two about pulling a punch, and this track rocks, in the tried-and-true sense of the word. 

Vocals, always Justin’s strong suit, have an extra crispness. His work with Instrumental Music and the Lost Music Collective seemingly has paid off in spades. So much of the work has this elegance, for he knows when to go hard and when to opt for a lighter touch. By balancing these competing influences, he manages something that feels undoubtedly life-affirming. 

​With a quarter million streams under his belt, Justin can expect much more on his latest single. Even last year, his ability to touch the very soul of country was proven by hitting high on the UK Country charts and hitting the waves in the US, Canada, and Australia, all parts of the country ecosystem as a whole. 

His origins have always been in pop, regardless of the same genre, because hooks are style agnostic. When a song’s catchy, it is catchy, and the exact timber does not matter. That’s what Justin Mattock proves – that he has that inherent knack for creating pop perfection.