‘Keed Talk To Em Tour’ kicks off in New York

Written By | John Acosta

The Elsewhere music venue and nightclub space was built to celebrate and commemorate multi-disciplinary talent. On August 22nd, they certainly gave Brooklyn a show to remember. The ‘Keed Talk To em’ tour featuring 300 ENT artists Karlae, Lil Got It, and Lil Keed kicked off to an incredible start. Coming off Lil Keed’s celebrated ‘Long Live Mexico’ project, the momentum matched the anticipation for all his fans.

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Karlae started the party off right with banger after banger.  Strutting her stuff and swinging her hair in a bedazzled outfit, she caught the attention of anyone who didn’t know her.  Mostly known for being Young Thug’s fiancé, she is now cementing her name in the music realm. The attitude and confidence were felt throughout the entire venue and she ended her night with her most well-known song ‘You Ain’t Slime Enough’.

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Next to rock the show was the main acts little brother, Lil Got It.  The crowd erupted when he slowly walked on stage dancing and dabbing.  His calm demeaner while performing gave the fans the chance to take the show into their own hands.  Almost as if the cooler and more laid back he was, the more uproarious the crowd became. Bangers like “Da Real Hood Babies” and “Superstar” rung throughout the venue and had everyone singing in harmony. 

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Finally, it was time for the main act to have his moment.  The lights went dark, and the crowd lit up their phones. Lil Keed ran out and the crowd went bonkers.  Jumping up and down with the microphone at every beat drop, Lil Keed and his fans were in sync. Once the opening song ended, he took time to shake hands with front row goers to show appreciation.  Than abruptly, it was time to party again. Performing songs like “Oh My God” and “HBS” had the fans dancing and raging for every word. More harmonious songs like “Make You Proud” and “Fear of God” had his fans in their emotions singing melody after melody in unison.  You can tell the crowd was exhausted, in a good way. Exerting all their energy for one of their favorite artist. However, they geared up one more time for the last song “Nameless”.

Almost everyone in the building song the lyrics “hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, girl” and ended the opening night to the ‘Keed Talk To Em” tour with great praise.

Photo Credit: John Acosta


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