Singer/songwriter kenzie debuted her brand-new single “sickly sweet” via Hollywood Records. Listen on Amazon MusicApple MusicSpotify, and YouTube Music. The all-female made record was written by kenzie, Mariana Stratan, Ellen Murphy, Elizabeth Murphy and Beren Olivia and produced by Lenii. “sickly sweet” follows the rollercoaster of being in a destructive relationship. The addiction to the highs, and toxicity of the lows. The repetitive cycle all leading back to the same poisonous place. 

Alongside the new single, kenzie premiered the video visualizer where she’s on the run from these toxic patterns, but will it catch up to her? 

Of the new track, kenzie shared, “‘sickly sweet’ is about being in a destructive relationship but also about loving the chase. It’s like the forbidden fruit you can’t stop tasting. Girls always tend to go for the bad boys over the good ones.”

The dark, new infectious track follows previously released singles, “paper” and “100 degrees,” and continues to showcase kenzie’s redefined sound, teasing what’s to follow musically on her forthcoming album.

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