King Lil G sips Moët in a Red Solo Cup, wrapped in Versace in “Gl**ks and Rollies”

In King Lil G’s video for “Gl**ks and Rollies,” business and pleasure are synonymous. G and his AK47Boyz crew post up at the crib handling work and swimming in the pool with baddies. True to his extravagant form, he totes a gold-plated AK that smartly matches his gold Versace robe. While lounging by the pool, he waxes poetic about his boss status, “Better go hard while you’re still young / I ain’t moving til the deal’s done / I’m official, that’s official.”

“Gl**ks and Rollies” comes off King Lil G’s recently released Eternal, an album that finds him pondering his legacy and reflecting on his past that transformed him into the person he is today. G can’t go to a wing spot without a crew of fans waiting for him. The South Gate, LA, native is a hometown hero that does global numbers: over 300M views and 700k subscribers on YT, 50M streams on Spotify, and 740k followers on Instagram. He built this dedicated and diehard fanbase because of what he and his Sucios Movement represents: “it’s empowerment for those that don’t think they can make it and come from nothing.” His upcoming album Eternal, out now, is just the latest example of King Lil G’s unmatched authenticity and dedication to his craft.

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