Kongos | Be Wild or Be Tame

Written By | Sascha Steadman

Photo By | Sascha Steadman

Fitness started the show; the dark blue lights really set a tone that would later open to secret languages and why Max’s sister gets mad every time he teaches it to his friends then opening the floor to discuss one’s sadistic side via song form. Max Collins and Kenny Carkeet are defiantly two peas in a stage presence pod moving on stage as if one. Both coming from separate bands Max (Eve6) and Kenny (Awolnation) their electro pop rock is not a repeat of their previous work. Any hesitant fans of their former works fear not their charismatic performance and peculiar yet drawing lyric mater are worth lending an ear too.

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Photo By | Sascha Steadman

The main event arrival was worth the wait Kongos kicked it off with a Fleetwood Mac “big love” vibe. Entrancing group of brothers Jonny, Jessie, Daniel and Dylan they started off by performing some songs off their 1929 album, they all as well have tasteful stage presence. Dylan in sound and movement embodies a Lindsey Buckingham I couldn’t help but wonder if they were the one in the same. Jonny really knows his way around an accordion I had no idea you could make an accordion sound rock and roll but Kongos does it, maybe the fact they hale from South Africa has something to do with it. Their second album released in 2012 topping three of Tucks FM’s charts in South Africa.

Photo By | Sascha Steadman

Although it wasn’t until 2013 That “Come With Me Now” and “I’m Only Joking” started climbing the charts. If you’re wondering why those songs sound familiar it’s possibly because you heard “Come With Me Now” as the theme song for WWE’s Extreme Rules And the movie The Expendables 3. They now reside in Arizona, currently finishing up their 1929 tour promoting their unreleased album, I hope you had an opportunity to check them out. If not, there is still time. 

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