These “glorious fuck-up savants” say “FUCK ART”

Last Friday, The Dirty Nil released ‘FUCK ART’, an album which finds the Juno-winning trio embracing their status as “glorious fuck-up savants capable of stirring our souls” (Alternative Press) and turning the dial to 11 with “a raucous blend of arena rock, thrash and DIY punk” (SPIN Mag).

With songs about running away from the bullshit, the guy who stole frontman Luke Bentham’s bike, and listening to Slayer in the back of your mom’s Dodge Caravan, The Dirty Nil have made an album for those who love a good old fashioned rock record that doesn’t take itself too seriously, boasts an IDGAF attitude, and is expertly performed.

Check out album highlight and basement love song “Doom Boy” which LoudWire included in their list of the “Best Rock Songs of 2020”.