Lil Durk’s new video “No Labels”

Love Songs to the Streets 2 coming this Spring

Lil Durk just dropped his new Rock Davis-directed video for “No Labels” – a minor-key hookfest that’s racked up over 2.5 million plays on Spotify and over 5 million streams of the official audio on YouTube since it was released just over a month ago. The video investigates a crumbling relationship as the central couple squabbles in a Hollywood mansion while track expands upon the sonic palette Durk developed for Signed To The Streets 3, his November 2018 album (which peaked at #3 on Apple Music, all-genre), and starts to lay the groundwork for Love Songs to the Streets 2, a new mixtape coming this Spring.
Lil Durk had an epic 2018, marked by multiple mixtapes, including Signed to the Streets 3 (which peaked at #3 on Apple Music’s all-genre album streaming charts over its first weekend of release and debuted at #17 on the Billboard Albums chart), a label change from Def Jam to Alamo, a move from Chicago to Atlanta, and, in November, the birth of his youngest child with his fiancé, India. The culmination of a five-year rise from underground sensation to mainstream star, Lil Durk is pulling out all the stops, bridging gaps in hip-hop’s generational and geographical spectrum while continuing to excel at providing stark perspectives of street life with a strong emotional center and a superlative sense of melody. Lil Durk pioneered the sound of new Chicago with his soaring melodies and grounded street stories, rising to become one of the foremost progenitors of modern rap’s melodic renaissance.

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