Lil GotIt – “Pop My Sh*t” (Remix) ft. Lil Keed

The Two Brothers Showcase Their Manic Chemistry As They Prepare to Embark on the “Keed Talk To Em Tour”

Wielding off-kilter vocals and superior beat-riding skills, Lil GotIt provides a glimpse into the future of Atlanta music. Recruiting his blood brother Lil Keed to spruce up one of his hits, GotIt shares “Pop My Sh*t” (Remix). With a bouncy and sinister piano-led beat courtesy of J.Gramm, “Pop My Sh*t” provides a carnival-like atmosphere for each rapper to show off their inimitable styles–GotIt with an endless font of tumbling flexes, and Keed with a mastery of melodic cadence. In the video, premiered by Complex, the two brothers grow to the size of skyscrapers, towering over the city they plan to dominate with their music.

“I made the song the night before I went to New York,” says Lil GotIt to Complex. “I shot a quick video in Brooklyn and came right back to the A. The first time I played the song for Keed when I got back that night he hopped right on that mofucka. I knew that shit was too hard and he did too. I been shot the video so I said fuck it this the remix and we shot another video to it with Diesel. Me and Keed be putting each other on our hardest songs, but we really walking on this mf.”

“Pop My Sh*it” (Remix) arrives as Lil GotIt joins his brother on the “Keed Talk To ‘Em Tour.” The 15-date tour starts in Brooklyn on August 22nd (Elsewhere), passing through Los Angeles on September 13th (The Novo) before ending in Boston on September 22nd. Born just one year apart, to the same mother and father, the two brothers are close collaborators with infectious chemistry–a chemistry that visibly comes across in music videos and onstage.

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