Los Angeles based rapper / producer Sav Did It released his 2nd album titled “M.A.D.E.”

Los Angeles based rapper / producer Sav Did It makes all his own beats and just released his 2nd album titled “M.A.D.E.” on August 28th. 26 tracks written and self produced.

He has released 2 videos for he’s latest project thus far:

Sav Did It is currently in the process of shooting several more videos for this project before he begins working on some new EP’s for 2021. Over the summer he decided to release the final video from his first album; it was a favorite among his longtime supporters.

Fast Life was a song off of his first project titled “Omertà” that he released 7 other videos for as well. View HERE.

As a producer Sav Did It had dozens of placements and worked with the likes of E-40, Future, Quavo and many more. Sav Did It has only been rapping seriously for the past 3 years and I’m also in a group and production team called VST which stands for “V’Dollas x Sav Did It x TeJohn Anax”. Sav Did It and the other 2 members. Last year released a group project titled “Space Music” that  they produced and wrote together as a group.