Rising Louisiana rapper Calvary Kylan returns with the menacing new single “Red Man Pt. 2.” Listen HERE via Geffen Records. The track serves as a sequel to “Red Man,” which wowed audiences back in 2021. On “Pt. 2,” Kylan comes for every hater that’s ever wronged him, running through a list of frauds and fakes. “Red Man Pt. 2.” is available now at all digital retailers.

On the track, Kylan showcases the dexterous flow that has made him one of the hottest new MCs in the game and his intuitive ability to paint scenes with vivid details. “I could still post up in the hood, I ain’t never need a clique you better get that understood,” he begins over sweeping strings, bouncy synth-bass lines, and explosive drums. As the rising artist toys with returning to his roots, he makes clear that rap is the only path forward: “I was fightin’ depression and this music shit found me.” 

The new single follows recent single “Who Shot Me” and Kylan’s breakthrough 2022 EP, Who Would’ve Thought. Listen HERE via Geffen Records. Boasting hit singles “Loss”and “Sticky” as well as a number of other sizzling cuts like “Hellcat” and “Step,” the 14-song set is the go-for-broke, take-no-prisoners collection of bangers. Kylan’s intentions are clear from EP opener “War Wit The Devil,’‘ an incendiary provocation that is equal parts moody atmosphere and raw confession. 

The young MC’s willingness to share his world continues on songs like the gritty, Midwxst-assisted “Dead Wrong” and “Block Hot” featuring BigKayBeezy — a soulful lament punctuated by inventive beats and curious piano arrangements, offering a glimpse into his ferocious outlook. The arrival of “Red Man Pt. 2” continues Kylan’s run, and confirms that with every song he drops, he brings an exciting new variable to the table.

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