October 16th – sees London based pop experimentalist Lucy Tun share new single & video ‘Airport Smoking Room’, taken from her upcoming debut EP Unreal, due for release on November 10th via Platoon.

On ‘Airport Smoking Room’; Lucy was fascinated by the unspoken connection between strangers caught in a liminal space, the feeling of being “on your way to nowhere”. Inspired by The Terminal (2004), her breezy observations betray a sense of loneliness: “You’re not saying a single word, but you’re sharing this experience together with overlapping stories – and I felt a sense of compassion because of that.”

Airport Smoking Room follows on from previous singles ‘Rabbit Hole’, ‘ADHD’, which was praised by the likes of CLASH & NME and break-out hit ‘Kulture Klub’ which continues to garner momentum, reaching almost a million streams since it’s release at the start of the year.

Her upcoming EP Unreal traces the blurred line where fantasy ends and reality begins; the mascara-smeared, screen-smashed collision between your curated world and the facts that fall short. And it’s there, that in-between space of drifting away with a daydream while being harshly tethered to earth, that you’ll find Lucy Tun – and every twenty-something who feels a pang of resonance in her music. For the first time since her artistic reincarnation from LCYTN to her complete name, a choice driven by maturity and a statement of commitment to her vision, Lucy is in soft-focus: no longer content to be the main character, Unreal sees her flip her camera lens to the world around her.
Its seven tracks are a box of pop confections, each with its own distinct, floor-filling flavour – a distraction from a bitter aftertaste. Lucy’s instinct for this tension in her music was clear from the beginning with her self-released 2018 debut EP, Good Nights Bad Stories. Her love of Mitski melted into the Odd Future mixtapes borrowed from her older brother – and so her diaristic, indie-indebted lyrics became inseparable from her command of collar-grabbing 808s; difficult feelings were caught on a tide of electronic grooves. It’s a hybrid of sounds drawn from an entire internet’s worth of influences.
Rather than yielding to an internalised pressure to complicate her sound, Unreal sees her lean into her pop instincts where simplicity is not a criticism but a virtue. More than a songwriter, she is a storyteller, with each of its seven tracks marking the turning of another chapter in a self-contained world. Lucy captures their essence with buzzwords; mental mood boards to stay focused on her intention: change; disconnect, time; obsession; travel; miscommunication and fun.

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Unreal Tracklist:
1. Bad Signals
3. Clementine
4. Rabbit Hole
5. Diary
6. Airport Smoking Room 
7. Kulture Klub

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