Malix – Causing A Glitch In The Matrix

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An up-and-coming artist with immense talent, Malix is breaking down the barriers and making a mark on the industry at large.

This dynamic, Hong Kong-based MC, is bringing fresh energy to hip- hop and R&B. With snappy vocals, catchy rhymes, and clever wordplay, she offers a unique twist on rap. Upbeat, assertive, and confident, Malix is sharing her perspective through colorful language and original sound. On rap tracks, her strong lyricism weaves through trap beats and heavy bass, while her soft and sultry vocals soothe listeners through her melodic R&B songs. Dedicated to her work, Malix is raising the bar with vibrant vocabulary, focused flow, and direct delivery.

For as long as she can remember, Malix always wanted to make music. As a child, she longed to be like the artists she heard on the radio. She sang in both choir and glee club growing up; however, her rap vocals and all other music skills are all self-taught endeavors. Passionate about the desire to make music, she sought out the proper equipment, started experimenting, and released what she created. Eager to get her work out to listeners, she worked hard and smartly invested in herself. At just 19 years of age, Malix has grown her audience at a record pace, amassing thousands of followers in a matter of months. Her immediate influence on the industry is impressive and her career is just getting started. With heavy momentum behind her already, Malix is blazing a clear path to the top of the charts.

Her main genres are hip-hop, rap, and R&B. Malix embodies the forceful energy of those genres, giving her style a unique vibe. Malicious when she spits bars, her stage name is derived from that concept. Malix is also a twist on the word, matrix, which she alludes to in lyrics like, “I’m such a contradiction, caused the Matrix to glitch.” Listening to artists like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Missy Elliott, along with many others, inspired her own desire to rap. Finding her way was a challenge in the beginning, but through her experimental nature, Malix has discovered her own style and sound.

Malix has learned a lot on her journey so far. The technical aspects were a struggle, but she finds fun in the entire process of mixing, rapping, and singing. With high standards for herself, Malix is consistently improving the quality of her craft. She is constantly working on elements like lyricism and breath control. Pulling ideas from the beat, Malix explores topics like being a female Asian artist. Although some of her lyrics are suggestive, she avoids playing into the hyper-sexualization of women in the industry. Her rap stands as an expression of her assertive alter-ego while her R&B reveals a softer side of love and emotion.

Malix wants all audiences to be able to see themselves in the entertainment industry. She wants to see more Asian representation and hopes that her presence inspires confidence in others. Music for her is a therapeutic outlet to express her true self. It is an art piece in audio frequency form and creating it is the only time Malix feels right. Feeling like the world is trying to suffocate her, music allows her to breathe. 

Rap music has always been about pushing the envelope and pushing boundaries. And what could be more boundary-pushing than a rattlesnake freestyle rap? 

That’s exactly what Malix delivers in her upcomingtrack slated for release on September 23rd, “Rattlesnake Freestyle.” The song is a tour de force of lyrical prowess, with Malix flowing over a hard-hitting beat with ease. But it’s the subject matter that really sets this track apart. Malix isn’t afraid to get personal, sharing intimate details about her life and her struggles. And in doing so, she gives listeners an honest and authentic look into her world. It’s a brave and fearless performance that is sure to turn heads and make people take notice. Stay tuned for “Rattlesnake Freestyle” by Malix and be prepared to be blown away.