3-time Grammy-winning, multi-platinum, international superstars, Matchbox Twenty, has sold their first NFT – a unique, multimedia, non-fungible token experience titled “UNWELL”, for 12.2 Ethereum (approximately $24,000) with ALL proceeds from the auction benefiting RADical Hope, a nonprofit committed to addressing America’s youth mental health crisis by building resilience in young lives, and The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth.

In support of this NFT auction and the important conversation it inspired, a donor committed an additional $50,000 directly to RADical Hope.

The auction of the multimedia, NFT token experience “UNWELL,” began last  Thursday night, April 1, on while a live conversation took place on the mobile app Clubhouse with Rob Thomas, Liz Feld, CEO of RADical Hope, and Kevin Wong, Vice President of Communications at the Trevor Project. The launch event was facilitated by Jin Woo Yu, aka WOLF x LIONand Craig Amazeen, CEO of DFND, and featured RADical Hope Honorary Chairman Larry Bossidy participating as a special guest. The auction ended Tuesday, April 6, 2021, with a winning bid of 12.2 Ethereum (approximately $24,000).

The winner of the “UNWELL” multimedia NFT auction is receiving:

  • Non-commercial licensing rights to the “UNWELL” 1 of 1 multimedia experience
  • Non-commercial licensing rights to high-res digital images of the two original lyrics sheets
  • The physical Rob Thomas-signed proof of NFT as seen at the end of the “UNWELL” NFT will be framed and shipped

Never before have the words of “UNWELL” been more meaningful than today. Thanks to the recently released hit “Used To Be” by Steve Aoki & Kiiara (featuring Wiz Khalifa), a new generation is now hearing Rob’s lyrics for the first time. The underlying poignant message of “UNWELL” serves as the backdrop of this new single and inspired the band to look at the origins of their song.

“What we’re really talking about is the mental health of our future generations,” Rob said during the Clubhouse conversation last week. “Who we’re going to be ten years from now depends on how we treat people now, and I think the Trevor Project and RADical Hope are pinpointing a huge group that we might lose if we don’t let them know how special they are and how normal they are.”

“This gift will support our mission to ensure that those experiencing the grip of emotional and social isolation – like Matchbox Twenty so poignantly sang about 18 years ago in ‘UNWELL’ – understand they are not alone,” said RADical Hope CEO Liz Feld. “America is experiencing a youth mental health crisis, and Matchbox Twenty’s generosity will have a direct benefit in the lives of young people today. We are enormously grateful to Kyle (Cook), Paul (Doucette), Rob (Thomas), and Brian (Yale) for this donation and for their advocacy for mental health supports.”

Matchbox Twenty partnered with, a creative agency, and technology company to deliver the “Unwell” NFT.