For his new single “Error,” Matt Hunter wanted to find the right partner to give his smooth urban pop track some classic reggaetón flair. Lalo Ebratt was a logical choice, and together these two Colombian artists have created a song that is sensual and scintillating. The song is part of Matt Hunter’s upcoming album, which includes several previously released and popular tracks, like “Dicen” with Lele Pons, “Suave” with Corina Smith, among many other hits.

Written by Matt Hunter and Lalo Ebratt, as well as Aeme and Dark Lion, and produced by Golden Minds, “Error” is a song about the most complicated relationship dynamic: the love triangle. This song is about when forbidden attraction gets out of control and can’t be hidden anymore.

The video that accompanies the song incorporates elements from the picturesque setting of Naples, Florida, where it was filmed, with nods to some of the more classic music videos from decades past, with special effects and a vibrant, colorful palette. Directed by Pedro Vazquez, the ending of the video has a bit of a cliffhanger, with a “to be continued” flashed on the screen as Matt Hunter hops onto a jet ski with his lady love and chases the sunset.

There has been no slowing down Matt Hunter, this year especially, as he continues to create music and drop new singles from his upcoming new album. As one of the new generation’s most promising and pioneering voices, his music has elevated the popularity of the urban Latin genre making it not just one to watch, but definitely one to follow intently.

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